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Bail Bonds in Talbot County, Easton, Maryland
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Bail Bonds in Easton, MD, Talbot County

Talbot County & Easton, Maryland

Easton and Talbot County’s premier Bail Bond Company offering prompt, discreet and professional one on one service. Family owned and operated in Easton, MD since 1984, we are the most experienced Bail Bond Company in Talbot County, Maryland. You can count on our knowledge of every nuance in the bail bond procedure of this county. At a difficult time such as this, don’t risk further problems and delays in your day. Count on Patricia Childs Bail Bonds to guide you through the bail bond process in Talbot County and Easton, Maryland.

County Detail:

If your friend or family member is incarcerated in Talbot County, they will more than likely be located in the detention center in Easton, MD. There are 2 court houses there, District and Circuit Court. We have over 25 years experience posting bail bonds at both institutions. Familiarity with nearly all court and detention center personnel makes it easy for us to quickly gather the info needed to post your bond… and Knowing where and with whom to start with your particular scenario makes us fast and efficient. Give us a call, you’ll be glad you did!

Bail Bonds in Talbot County, Easton, Maryland

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